These Are The Most Popular Halloween Candies In Every State

Have you ever wondered what your state’s favorite Halloween candy is? Well we have the answer for you! Washington sate’s favorite candy is the legendary Kit Kat bars. Check out the entire list for every state below.

Alabama: Starburst

Alaska: Smarties

Arizona: Mr. Goodbar

Arkansas: Skittles

California: Crunch Bar

Colorado: Airheads

Connecticut: Peanut Butter Kisses

Delaware: Twizzlers

Florida: Airheads

Georgia: Starburst

Hawaii: Kit Kat

Idaho: Milk Duds

Illinois: Kit Kat

Indiana: Dum Dums

Iowa: Starburst

Kansas: Whoppers

Kentucky: Heath Bar

Louisiana: Payday

Maine: Liquorice

Maryland: Blow pops

Massachusetts: Junior Mints

Michigan: Junior Mints

Minnesota: Snickers

Mississippi: Payday

Missouri: Nerds

Montana: Airheads

Nebraska: Twizzlers

Nevada: Kit Kat

New Hampshire: Circus Peanuts

New Jersey: Crunch Bar

New Mexico: Hot Tamales

New York: Crunch Bar

North Carolina: Crunch Bar

North Dakota: Starburst

Ohio: Blow pops

Oklahoma: Runts

Oregon: Reeses pieces

Pennsylvania: Twizzlers

Rhode Island: Baby Ruth

South Carolina: Starburst

South Dakota: Milky Way

Tennessee: Blow Pops

Texas: Starburst

Utah: Three Musketeers

Vermont: Tootsie pop

Virginia: Sour Patch Kids

Washington: Kit Kat

West Virginia: Tootsie Rolls

Wisconsin: Reeses peanut butter cups

Wyoming: Hershey Kisses