Taco Bell Released A Crunchy Taco Sheperd’s Pie Recipe For Thanksgiving

Well this was something many weren’t expecting this Thanksgiving holiday, a Taco Bell Sheperd’s pie?

All you need from Taco Bell is two classic Crunchy Tacos and four sauce packets at your preferred spice level. For the rest of the ingredients list, you’ll have to hit up your local grocery store. The Crunchy Taco Sheperd’s Pie calls for a variety of delicious ingredients, including russet potatoes, cheddar cheese and more.

The recipe doesn’t call for any fancy kitchen equipment, either. As long as you have the basics—baking dish, a pot with a lid, sauce pan, etc.—you can whip up your own Crunchy Taco Sheperd’s Pie in no time. For the full recipe, click here.