Lady Gaga Reveals Which ‘Chromatica’ Song She Loves ‘More Than Anything’

Lady Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’ has been one of the more popular and well received albums of the year. Today, Gaga tells us what her favorite song from the album is. In an interview with American Songwriter, the pop star spoke at length on the recording process behind her sixth studio album, Chromatica, and also revealed the song she loves “more than anything” is “Sine From Above,” which features the iconic Rocket Man himself, Elton John.

“Oh, Elton’s family. It’s wonderful working with Elton,” she started. “He had started [the song] first and then he sent it over and I listened to it and I loved it and then I finished it and I sent I back and I said, ‘Do you like it, do you like it?’ He loved it.”