Had It With High Gas Prices? Here Are Five Ways To Save Money At The Pump

These days were all looking for some help at the gas pumps to save money and podcast hosts Matt and Joel of How to Money dedicated the latest episode of their podcast to giving listeners a few lifestyle adjustments that can help keep money in their pocket instead of their gas tank. Here are some tips on how to save some coin.

1. Use Gas Apps

It is incredibly frustrating to fill your car up only to drive past a gas station with cheaper prices minutes later. This is why Matt and Joel recommend using a gas app to search for gas stations with the best prices.

2. Find the Right Credit Card

Using a credit card that offers cash back is a great way to knock money off of your total gas cost, Matt and Joel told listeners. Cards like the Citi Customer Cash Card (the card they personally use) offer 5% cash back on gas purchases. Of course, make sure to pay the card back right away.

3. Use Alternate Forms of Transportation

Long time listeners of How to Money know, Matt and Joel would much rather ride their bikes instead of drive. The two swear by it, especially when it comes to short trips and high gas prices.

4. Cut Back on Driving and Watch Your Speed

It may seem like a no brainer, but the savings really do add up. According to Joel, the way you drive affects how much gas you are using. So, if conserving gas is the goal, slow down. Your car and wallet will thank you.

5. Invest in a Vehicle with Better Gas Mileage

This is what Matt and Joel call the “nuclear option.” Buying a car is an ordeal and may not be practical for everyone. However, if the car fits into your lifestyle, it is worth considering.