Department of Transportation Says Airlines Must Issue Refunds for Delayed or Cancelled Flights

Finally, some monumental travel news when it comes to refunds. The Department of Transportation has announced new rules requiring airlines to issue refunds to all customers impacted by cancelled or substantially delayed flights. As detailed by Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, the new rules mean that it will be much easier for everyone impacted by travel frustration to receive refunds. “The Biden-Harris administration is now going to require airlines to give passengers an automatic cash refund if your flight is canceled or significantly delayed,” he said in a video announcement, as seen below. “And you’ll get your fee refunded if your bag doesn’t arrive in time, or if you don’t get a service you paid for like Wi-Fi.” What constitutes a “significant” delay? According to the Department of Transportation, that would be three hours or more for any domestic flights or six hours or more for international flights.